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    hi guys

    The ock

      hi guys

      To start with, i think that i have been a little outdated because i just got to hear about actionscript 3.0 recently. i have been using 2.0 for some time and right now i'm ready to try out the new 3.0 and it possiblities. i just installed flash pro cs5 and i am just getting to know the flash authoring environment since i jumped from flash 8. i was having fun until i decided to take laws into my hands by creating a simple hello world application i saw in flash cs5 help that will run on AIR. i have followed the instructions on flash cs5 help on how to create it but i keeps asking for a signed certificate or something like that before it can run and i keep showing errors.  i do not have the slightest idea about how to fix this.

           please i know you guys have been there and without doubt gone through it. please help me out because i cant find a tutorials on how to create or get the certificate to run AIR application on my system

           please any suggestion will be highly appreciated. thanks to you all in advance.

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          In CS5, go to the Adobe AIR x.x Settings dialog. Select the Signature tab. Look for the "Create" button next to the Certificate field. And click it.


          That will let you create and save a code signing certificate.

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            The ock Level 1

            thanks joe ... ward for your help but i have tried that, and when i try to double click on the file to run it, it show up errors about a failed update.

            thanks again for your time

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              Joe ... Ward Level 4

              You need to use the same certificate each time or updates are blocked. This is a feature that prevents one AIR app from overwriting an unrelated AIR app.

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