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    Ways to impove performance in Reader X?

    Toquinha1977 Level 1

      Howdy, peeps.  I'm running ARX on a somewhat archaic PC.  My specs are: Pentium D CPU 3.00 Ghz with 3Gb ram, running Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3).  I use Adobe Reader (as opposed to Acrobat) to participate in shared reviews on PDFs that are hosted on a local network.  These documents will have 4 or 5 active reviewers at any given time and are 100+ pages.


      I upgraded to Reader X a couple months ago and I'm finding it to be ridiculously slow and unwieldy, whereas the previous version worked just fine. Scrolling through the comments bar is not very responsive (click, wait a few seconds, click, wait a few seconds), new comments take longer to load, and I get the Not Responding warning way to often. Pretty much anything I do brings up that hourglass pointer.


      You know right away that my system is kinda old, but being that it's a company computer, my options for upgrades are pretty limited. So, apart from rolling back the upgrade to Acrobat Reader 9, is there anything I can do about getting it to work better?  It's not an issue of multitasking either, as the only other applications I'm running are Firefox and Outlook