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    Deploying Air Application with Zend AMF Dataservices to remote server?

    cut-copy-paste Level 1

      I cannot find anything to guide me through getting this set up.. it's frustrating because I feel this is probably the whole point of Air!


      I have an Air project in Flash Builder which is set up with the Data/Services panel, using a custom php model file.


      It's working fine on localhost, but I do not know what is necessary to have it work while the app is running locally but connecting to a remote server (can get it working as a flex app in browser hosted remotely, though)


      I uploaded the Zend framework and my custom php files to the net

      I changed the amf_config.ini file .. the webroot and the zend_path, I assume, should be different depending whether it's localhost or on a server, so I changed the one online to be match where the files are.


      I found in the _super_Database.as it was referencing the Zend gateway.php locally, so I changed that to be an absolute link to where I put gateway.php on the server.


      But I'm not sure what to do next... I assume I only need the Zend framework and the php files I'm using online, but then there is no link to my Database.php anywhere other than as a symbolic link from services/Database.php to the bin-debug folder.. but I don't know how exactly to put that on the server and then compile my app... and I can't find any explanations anywhere.


      Anyone know how to go about this?