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    Adobe Premiere Encore CS5 & Trouble With Building

    eastern question

      I'm writing to ask help for my collegue who has worked for a DVD for 3 days and ended up with the same problem consistently.


      He did everything right as usual with CS5 Encore. Made everything including subtitles and menus, in order to create a master copy. So that we could print hundreds of it, to sell.


      But whenever he pressed 'build' ,  the program cancelles itself.


      Just to check if it's a problem with the pc, we tried it on another pc. And same problem occured.


      And we made a very simple dvd sample with the same program and pc; and it worked!


      So, it's quite obvious that there is something wrong with the dvd we made, which prevents us from 'building'


      What could it be? We need immediate help. Thanks a lot.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          As this sounds like an Encore issue, it would probably be best to post in the Encore Forum. While there will be some of the same folk as here, there are a few there, who do not hang out here, but know Encore intimately.


          Before you do, however, please gather as much data on the friend's system, the method of getting from PrPro to En, the Source Files' specs., and a description of the En Project. That would be very, very helpful, and save you having to answer 100 questions.


          Good luck, and welcome to the forum,