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    AJAX updated variable in actionscript.


      I'm still quite new to this so I might not be using the right terms and expressions.


      Shouldn't it be possibel to poll a value from the server via AJAX from a actionscript and then manipulate what happens in the animation ?


      For example(only for visualisation, not the actual task):

      A animation shows a sun rising over a landscape, the "rising and setting" are controlled by a value retrieved from the server.

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          I don't know exactly what you have in mind but you can download a text or xml file from a server that has been written by a data base or a perl or js or php file on a server. You can then use that information in your Flash .swf. You can also use the ExternalInterface class to communicate between the Flash .swf and js on the same html document.


          There are a number of methods for working with live data in your Flash movie.