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    "Student and Teacher Edition" vs. "Student and Teacher Licensing"?


      My university participates in the "Student and Teacher Licensing" program, where the university gets volume discounts on Adobe products and the students are able to pick up software for below the standard "Student and Teacher Edition" prices. The university sells both versions. I was hoping someone could help clarify two things:


      1) Is there any difference, to the end user, between these two versions of the same software? From what I have read on the Adobe website, they should be identical, aside from how the end-user authenticates/activates the software.


      2) My primary concern is whether I can use the "Student and Teacher Licensing" version for commercial use (I don't want to be restricted regarding being able to sell my photos processed in Photoshop). It is stated in the "Student and Teacher Edition" FAQ that you *can* use that version for commercial purposes (FAQ here), however the documentation for the "Licensing" option is not as clear on this issue (PDF here, page 5 for FAQ).


      Can anyone clarify for me if there actually is any distinction between these two licensing methods, or if they actually are identical to the end-user aside from activation method and cost?