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    Video playback in AIR application


      I'm a purely graphic and video producer who has recently had to take on a touchscreen kiosk project at the very last minute. I have a basic (read pitiful) knowledge of actionscript and html, but no practical experience. I'm using Flash CS5, but also have Flash Builder 4 if that makes any difference at all.


      From reference guides and trial and error I have been able to put together a good deal of the project, but a few parts have me quite confused. One is that I need to be able to do two things with HD video in this project;


      1. Run a fullscreen looping sequence, which will fade to the menu screen once the screen is touched


      2. Place a few video clips onto the stage, to run in sequence with the timeline.



      Because of my main experience being video production, I see everything in layers, and I get the feeling that that is part of my issue, because I don't fully understand how the languages interact with objects.


      Has anyone ever done something like this, or have any recommendations as to how best to do this? To be perfectly honest I don't even know where to start here.