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    Panels in Fireworks CS5 don't show up


      Yesterday I noticed that the panels in "my" Fireworks CS5 don't show up, I mean, the tabs do, but the panels don't, the contents of the tabs are white, and when you right click them, on the context menu there is a "movie not loaded" button (disabled): For some reason it's not loading the swf panels, I don't know what's the problem, but it could be since I updated to the new Flash player 10.3.


      In Flash CS5 everything seems to work fine, I think the problem is only on Fw (I think)...


      The problem I'm talking about is with these panels:

      • Align
      • Path
      • Color Palette
      • Image Editing
      • Special Characters
      • Autoshape Properties
      • Symbol  Properties

      and maybe more I don't use to work with...


      somebody have an idea of what could solve the problem???


      I found this: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/713746

      But the problem is that can't restore the system... :S


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