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    How to apply formatting on data feeding AdvancedDataGrid


      Hello All,


      I'm using the Halo AdvancedDataGrid component, in which the default itemEditor for each column is mx.controls.TextInput.


      For example, the data provider is:
      private var labelsGridArray:Array = [ { tag:"apple" }, { tag:"*banana" }, { tag:"carrot" } ];[/CODE]
      And the AdvancedDataGrid definition is:
      [CODE]<mx:AdvancedDataGrid x="115" y="288" id="labelsGrid" designViewDataType="flat" dataProvider="{labelsGridArray}">[/CODE]


      If a String from the dataprovider Array is preceded by an asterisk - as is the case for banana in this example - the String needs to be surrounded by square brackets and be displayed in a grey colour.


      I tried to do the following:

                  override public function set data(value:Object):void
      But this code was never executed. I put breakpoints and they were never accessed, and trace statements that were never written.


      A colleague told me about using the AdvancedDataGridColumn's labelFunction attribute. I tried that but was unable to do the following assignment (the id of the column is 'tag'):
      [CODE]tag.itemEditor.htmlText = formattedText;[/CODE]


      I get error "Access of possibly undefined property htmlText through a reference with static type mx.core:IFactory.


      I tried to both explicitly extract the TextInput itemEditor (like I did for the override set data) AND use the labelFunction, but I couldn't get both to be in the correct scopes.


      Your help is much appreciated,