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    accelerated Math with adobe reader A

    art fullmer

      When Adobe Reader prints out the assignments it prints capital letters in place or some of the math symbols. example 5(3+4X) = X will be printed as  5H3+4xC=X then before closing Adobe Reader I can reprint the assignment and it prints ok. I also have to close Adobe Reader before it will print the next students assignment. This the second time I have posted about this and did not any responses last time hoping someone know what I can do about this as I am using a lot of printer paper and our budget is very tight, and yes I am using both sides of the paper.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Can you link to a sample document? It's hard to say what's going on without looking at one.

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            art fullmer Level 1

            I'm behind a fire wall that will not let me copy or past to this post. I also can not set up a link to a file out side or intranet.


            I will try to explain farther.


            The students run a scan card that is read and then opened in Adobe Reader giving them a score and new assignments which is printed automatically. This printing is where the problem is. where it has capital letters and signs in place of parentheses and multiplication and other signs.  This leaves Adobe Reader open on my desk top. I then open the last file opened and print it again, this time it prints out ok. Also the documents look ok when viewed in Adobe Reader, the problem only show up in the first printing when a document is opened.  If I close Adobe Reader I have to print twice to get a readable copy. I also have to close Adobe Reader between each student scaning for it to print again which starts the whole process all over. It seems like there is a defalt font that Adobe is using.

            Hope this helps explain the situation more. I will try to get a file that can be viewed.