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    Memory & Multiproc Preferences

    scottskaja Level 1

      I am under dealine and need help, pronto. I am working on my client's computer and software. Their AE software performance is very bad. I believe the memory/multiproc preferences may be set incorrectly. I'm working with 5 footage layers that are all 1920:1080 Apple ProRes 4444 at 23.98fps. I'm using Rotobrush on 2 layers, and a Mask on another layer, project settings are 16 bit Rec709... nothing super-tasky in my estimation. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.


      My computer is:


      Model Name: Mac Pro

        Model Identifier: MacPro5,1

        Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Xeon

        Processor Speed: 2.93 GHz

        Number Of Processors: 2

        Total Number Of Cores: 12

        L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB

        L3 Cache (per processor): 12 MB

        Memory: 20 GB

        Processor Interconnect Speed: 6.4 GT/s

        Boot ROM Version: MP51.007F.B03

        SMC Version (system): 1.39f11

        SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f11



      My AE Memory & Multiproc Preferences are:


      Installed RAM: 20 GB

      RAM reserved for other applications: 3 GB

      Render Multiple Frame Simultaneously is enabled

      Installed CPU (proc cores): 24

      CPU reserved for other applications: 8

      RAM allocation per background CPU: 3 GB

      Actual CPUs that will be used: 4

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, different question: Is the Rotobrush stuff axctually frozen? Even if it is not actualyl propagating, it can be slow if not the whole solution has been baked... Other than that I'd simply turn off any MP. this might work better than wasting memory on background processes that you don't seem to be using, anyways...



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            TimeRemapper Level 4

            I may be missing something here, but it looks like you're running a 12-core machine (dual 6 core), right? I'm not sure why AE is seeing 24 cores. Is there some weird hyperthreading going on? Maybe it's late for me and my brain isn't working properly though. Maybe try resetting the prefs? Disable multi-processing and OpenGL and see if that improves performance?


            Edit: Lutz beats me out of the gate, again.

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              scottskaja Level 1

              It was indeed not baked, thanks for the tip. Never to old to learn something new. I'll be the first to tell you Rotobrush is a great tool, but I do not know it as well as I should. Thanks for the schoolin'