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    please tell me what i do wrong.....

    gavrielx148 Level 1

      hi there,

      first sorry about my english....

      I bought a computer that i thought it will work good with my premiere cs5 but Unfortunately i get bad reasult, the render take my Hours ...

      my needs is to edit  3 layers of avchd files with chroma key and  other effect...

      my video time is moving betwwen 20-50 minuts and i have to export them to flv 400kbps.

      plaese tell me what i do worng.

      i have:


      windows 7 64 ultimate sp1

      premier cs5 5.03

      Asus PX658D-E Mother  board

      12 GB DDR 1333 G.SKIL


      and 2 WD BLACK edition  1TB  on Marvell raid 0.

      GIGYBYTE GTX 470


      i install the premier on the ssd hd and target the scratch disks to the raidisk .

      i disable the paging on c:

      and set it on d:  to 4096-8192.


      its take me 3 hours to export to flv  30 minut of video

      and my cpu usage is 100%.

      please tell me what i do worng,,,




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          RjL190365 Level 5

          Here is what you did wrong:


          The Marvell SATA RAID controller is slower in RAID mode than the native Intel ICH10R SATA RAID controller. Not only that, but the Marvell controller is connected to the ICH10R via an onboard PCIe 1.1 (not even PCIe 2.0) connection, which adds yet another layer of latency. And there is a lot of back and forth switching within the ICH10R itself every time a bandwidth-intensive device tries to access the ICH through a connection that's external to the hub itself.

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            I am far from an expert, but it seems to me that a 3 drive setup like you have should be running non RAID so you can split your media drive and previews/exports to separate discs?  Anyways, to find out I am wrong or right would help me, because I have the exact same disc setup - SSD for OS, 2 WD Black 1TB.