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    Scrolling Over Adobe Icon


      Whenever I scroll over an adobe pdf file icon (but don't click on it - I'm scrolling to a something else), adobe immediately opens in Task Manager.


      How do I disable adobe from opening up when I scroll over an adode file icon?

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          370H55V Level 4

          Adobe doesn't open the task manager, since Adobe isn't open when you scroll over the file. When you're moving your mouse across a window, that's Windows Explorer. Anything that happens from something you do in that window is caused by Windows... up until you open another program. It sounds like you have 1. Mouse settings configured improperly, and 2. AdobePDF files associated with the task manager. These are both Windows settings and need to be changed in the Control Panel.

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            SirSimeon2003 Level 1



            When I scroll over a pdf file as I'm scrolling on to a different file, 2-3 instances of Acrobat open up in my Task Manager, even though I did not open the pdf file.


            The previous reply is irrelevent  - I never said Adobe opens the Task Manager, I said that when I scroll over an adobe pdf file but do not open it, Acrobat opens up and is listed in my Task Manager even thogh I never opened the pdf file. My computer freezes up a bit and I'm forced to open Task Manager and forcibly close multiple instances of Acrobat which I never opened but which opened simply because I scrolled over the file en route to another file.

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              pwillener Level 8

              I saw this topic when it was started some time ago, but I couldn't quite understand what it meant at the time.


              Anyway, now you explain that it opens Acrobat when you do a certain action (what means "scrolling" over - "hover", perhaps?).  You may be better served if you ask in the Acrobat forum (since this is the Adobe Reader forum).