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    Simple XML question


      I have a simple XMList called myList that is equal to


        <Link ConversationID="1" OriginDialogID="0" DestinationDialogID="101" IsConnector="false"/>
        <Link ConversationID="1" OriginDialogID="0" DestinationDialogID="173" IsConnector="false"/>
        <Link ConversationID="1" OriginDialogID="0" DestinationDialogID="3" IsConnector="false"/>


      In actionscript when I do a


      I get 1 and I thought I would get 3 but I'm thinking it's one due to the empty elements.



      gives me nothing


      Since I cannot access the children tags how would I access each of the Link Tags

      and it's respective attributes(ex. 1st link with DestinationDialogID=101)?

      Do I need to convert this XMList into an array?