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    AdvancedDatagrid and Grouped Columns scroller issue.


      Dear Friends,

      I have one issue. when use the AdvancedDataGridColumnGroup in AdvancedDataGrid.

      In the AdvancedDataGridColumnGroup created renderer with (+/-) icon. when clicking the icon hide/show the columns in the group column. function code

      * This function shows/hides the child columns
      * @param event:MouseEvent
      private function showHideColumn(event:MouseEvent):void

      var index:int;
      for (index=1; index < this._columnGroup.children.length; index++)
      if (this._columnGroup.children[index])
      imgShowHideColumn.source=this._hideFlag ? collapseColumn : expandColumn;


      catch (err:Error)
      Alert.show(err.message + "\n" + err.getStackTrace());

      I have 25 columns, but only 8 columns visible, other hidden with the scrollbar. when click the (+/-) icon in the group column to hide/show the child columns then throws error in the AdvancedDataGridBaseEx.as:983.

      I think this issue is because of invisible columns. if i removed invisible columns and click (+/-) then it work well. hide the sub columns and show.

      can you give any suggestions for this issue.