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    stylesheet background picture in table not visible in word file


      I have a table width a stylesheet background image (see picture)

      RoboHelp Table.jpg

      In my compiled .chm file every picture is visible.


      When I create a word-file with printed documentation, the styleseet pictures of the table are not visible.



      The html Code of the table cell is:

      <td class=AttentionImg
      style="width: 12.5%;"
      <p> </td>


      The stylesheet code for the class is:

      background-attachment: scroll;
      width: 12.5%;
      padding-right: 10px;
      padding-left: 10px;
      border-left-style: none;
      border-right-style: none;
      border-bottom-style: none;
      background-image: url('html/img/attention.png');
      background-repeat: no-repeat;
      background-position: center top;



      The project file ist located in C:\Projekte\D0760\HtmlHelp\

      The image is located in C:\Projekte\D0760\HtmlHelp\html\img\

      RoboHelp Path.jpg

      What might be the reason for my problem?