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    Compiled Swf file not working properly




           I have developed a Air application 6 months ago using flash cs4. I have also a flex application. The flex application is a admin module and the flash cs4 app is the presentation module. In my admin module i can design my presentation module as i need. Based on it, it will generate a xml and a css file. The presentation module developed in flash cs4 will render based on the xml and the css file. Since i had to do some changes to flash app i made and complied the swf. In my admin module, i have a preview button, which will render the presentation module based on on xml.



      i just opened the fla file of the presentation module and complied it using "ctrl+Enter". I have a xml with a image with width and height mentioned.When i preview the swf file(output of presentation module) from admin module, the image is not resizing.But when i directly open the complied swf file(output of presentation module) the image is resizing as per the value in the xml. I didnt do any changes to the fla.


      If i run the swf file by clicking preview from admin module, which was complied 6 months back, the image is getting resized.I am really puzlled where the issue is?


      Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Thanks in Advance