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    Web Services Connection Failure


      I am able to introspect my wsdl using flash builder and create my various web services data connections.  However, if I select one of the calls and do test.  I get a fairly generic error of:

      "InvocationTargetException:Unable to connect to the URL  specified "


      Is there any additional information in log files or elsewhere that could help me debug this?  Particularly, what URL it constructed, what the parameters were, etc?  I looked in the .log file flash builder but nothing gets placed there about this error.


      I put a wide open crossdomain.xml file in the root of my project folder (not sure if that was the right place or not). Also not sure if doing the test from within the builder even uses the crossdomain.xml file.

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          ssardar Level 1

          Are your wsdl's hosted when you generate the webservice classes?


          Or are you grabbing them from a location on your computer?


          If they are hosted they have


          <wsdlsoap:address location="ddb/services/UserManager"/>


          a line like this that tells you what the URL needs to be for the specific service.


          Now mine is relative but your's very likely has a fully qualified path.


          Trace your flex app and check that the service class actually has the correct url if not you want some code that essentially does this:


          amSrv.loadWSDL("location above");


          amSrv is my service reference. (AdminManager.as)



          if you are using the generated class approach :

          Check that the URL's listed in your (in my example AdminManager.as is the service class) BaseAdminManager.as class match the one from your wsdl.



          if all those are correct you may want to elaborate on this post:

          1) Where are your services hosted?

          2) Step by step example of a simple service call example from your code.