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    Premiere cs5 Aliasing in footage, any help please?


      Hello to you all.


      i wonder how many of you have had the problem of footage aliasing in PP CS5.


      the problem is that when I import FOOTAGE from my camera into PP cs5, it shows ALIASING at the edges. When I view the same footage on windows media player, the footage is clean and sharp, NO ALIASING. Also I tried importing the same footage in AFTER EFFECTS and again, the footage there is clean and nice, NO ALIASING at the edges. So it must be something wrong in Premiere CS5. !!!!!!!   Anyone knows what am I doing wrong please or maybe there is a setting in PP that I`m missing?   Graphics card I`m using is the GTX285, with 12 GB ram. Windows version of PP CS5.


      Also another problem that is really FRUSTRATING me, is that when I render out from PP cs5, to quicktime with codec MPEG4 or other codec, the result of the render is with MICE TEETH at the edges. I have tried the de-interlacing option, although my footage is PAL and interlaced, but for the sake of the argument, I tried de-interlacing and still the problem is there and can`t solve it. ANY HELP PLEASE !!!!!!! so I dont swallow as many sedatives as i`m swallowing now !!!!!


      thanks for your kind assistance guys.