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    Help converting 72dpi collage to 300dpi


      I made a collage, intially intended for the web. I made some modifications in paint because i was new on photoshop elements, and figured it's just for web use no big deal. Now the collage I made is needed for print use, the collage was saved as a jpg and is one file. I have converted the jpg to psd, but cannot figure out a way to modify image size to 300 dpi. If it is possible how do i do it in Photoshop elements? Will it actually hurt the quality when it goes to print?
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          pixlor Level 4
          The number of pixels the image has are what will determine its quality. Changing the "resolution" to 300 won't change anything about the image.

          If your image is "big enough" to print at the size you want at the resolution of the intended output device, then great. If not, then changing the document from 72 to 300 dpi won't change the image at all. You can't add pixels to it to make it print better.