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    Importing Color Corrected Master Back Into System for Trailer, DVDs, etc.


      Hi there,


      Thanks to all of you who have been of great help to me as I've been working with Technicolor on the Mastering of a feature. I've never really had a feature leave my system before, or at least one that I stayed in control of, so this has all been very new and educational.


      Okay, question (or, rather, a confirmation) for final steps - they are sending me the following next week, for me to keep or for import back into Premiere for trailer cutting, still pulling, festival DVD making, etc. I just want to make sure this list is sufficient.


      Physical Deliveries


      HDCAM Master Tape



      Files on a Hard Drive


      10-Bit Uncompressed Quicktime of Completed Film

      Compressed 422 ProRes Quicktime of Completed Film


      I guess my main question is - will the 422 suffice for a high quality trailer and DVDs? They also offered to make an even-more-compressed H264, but if I can inport the ProRes Quicktime, that doesn't seem necessary, does it?




      Stephen Cone