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    Importing Color Corrected Master Back Into System for Trailer, DVDs, etc.

    SDCone Level 1

      Hi there,


      Thanks to all of you who have been of great help to me as I've been working with Technicolor on the Mastering of a feature. I've never really had a feature leave my system before, or at least one that I stayed in control of, so this has all been very new and educational.


      Okay, question (or, rather, a confirmation) for final steps - they are sending me the following next week, for me to keep or for import back into Premiere for trailer cutting, still pulling, festival DVD making, etc. I just want to make sure this list is sufficient.


      Physical Deliveries


      HDCAM Master Tape



      Files on a Hard Drive


      10-Bit Uncompressed Quicktime of Completed Film

      Compressed 422 ProRes Quicktime of Completed Film


      I guess my main question is - will the 422 suffice for a high quality trailer and DVDs? They also offered to make an even-more-compressed H264, but if I can inport the ProRes Quicktime, that doesn't seem necessary, does it?




      Stephen Cone