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    Is there a way I can use Catalyst to create my custom flex components but make it compatible with SD


      I am new to Catalyst and looking for a way to create components in Catalyst to be compatible with an existing application created in SDK 3.5.

      I am working on a project for a client to reskin an existing flex application done in SDK 3.5, but they are not ready to migrate yet to SDK 4.0.

      I really want ot use Catalyst to create some custom components for the new style of this existing application, but the problem is the that the spark component architecture and the old version 3.5 are not compatible. Is there a way around this until they are ready to migrate to 4.0 or will I have to create my components in flash and bring them into flashbuilder with a swc this way instead? What would be the best approach for me at this point, please help?