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    Applying CSS and styles to imported project



      I hope someone can help me here - I have documents in FrameMaker that I need to use to build a Help system - I have imported the files into Robo but I can't get the css style sheets I need applied.  It creates new style sheets for each topic and completely disregards the css that I apply.


      I am used to building sites for online assistance programs in DreamWeaver and I can't seem to find the tools that I would use in DW to build the site in Robo. I have several formatting elements that I require for this project.


      Do I need to make adjustments to the HTML reference mapping table in Frame before converting?  Do I need to manually apply the styles in the css and update from there?  I have the files in HTML in Robo logically displaying but none of the formatting I require is there.


      I am very stuck!