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    Projector crash on newest Macbook Pro?


      Hi there - I am in the process of debugging an interactive DVD comprised of graphics (JPEG buttons, bmp images), some text, and lots of quicktime h.264 encoded video at 480x360, 15fps, 400kbps. The basic flow is splash-screen, wait 6 seconds --> main menu.


      From the main menu, you select which chapter (these are lectures to accompany a textbook) to view, and based on information entered into the script, director dynamically updates the player window with the correct buttons/rollovers etc. All of that is working just fine - I just wanted to set the stage here.


      I'm authoring on Director 11.5 on a Mac Pro, and the windows projectors work flawlessly now that memory management within the script is squared away.

      I have been unable to update to 11.5.8 - Adobe Updater perpetually fails.


      the ONLY machine that the projector crashes without any error message is on my latest-edition Macbook Pro (8,2). The projector vanishes when the video player window loads.  The buttons populate, and then POOF - gone. This screen occurs over three frames - one stages the buttons before moving to the next frame, where the media assets are determined and linked to the dynamically assigned buttons (Section 1.1, 1.2, 1.3... et al). The third is a Loop & Time frame, which handles the actual playing of the media. Clicking on another section's button goes back to the second frame to stage the proper video, before moving to the Loop & TIme frame.


      The projector runs well from DVD (dual layer) on XP, Vista, Win7, Mac OSX on a G5 Quad (powerPC), an iBook, a Mac Mini, and my desktop machine (also used to author). It doesn't matter if I run it from the DVD or the Hard Drive on the MacBook Pro (8,2) - same resulting crash.


      Any thoughts? I was certainly not expecting this at this late stage... I know there are probably more details required here - but I thought I'd start here...


      Thanks in advance for your theories and acumen,



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          OK, just a quick follow-up to the problem.


          After further analysis of the apple crash log, my attention was drawn to the Perian application. After uninstalling it from the system preferences panel, all media played well.


          Curiously, each of my other Mac computers also have Perian installed, but only the new Macbook Pro (8,2) has trouble with playing media via the projector.