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    Problem calling remote method

      All the cirrus connection is working fine, I make one net  connection and get my key, then I make a net stream, do connection with  the other user, the problem happens when i send the remote method to  call on the other user application.


      In the net status (using previuos created net  connection) event handler when the status get "Success" i make one  request like this:

      myStream.send("myFunction"); (I don`t remember if is .send or .play, but i tested both for sure)


      And i have a public function called myFunction() to be activated on the other side.

      Everything looks fine, i got the connection but i can`t access the remote method myFunction().


      If needed, i can send my code for you to see.

      Sorry for my english.

      Thanks a lot for helping!
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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          you can only call NetStream.send() on a publishing stream (one on which you have called NetStream.publish(streamName)).  and that NetStream must either be a client-server one (if talking to FMS) or a P2P one (either a group NetStream or a 1:1 one created as NetStream.DIRECT_CONNECTIONS).


          on the subscriber side, your "myFunction" must be a function property on the subscribing NetStream.client object.