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    content aware healing in PrPro?

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      i'm pretty sure there is not, but i'm gonna ask anyway, incase i may have missed something.


      say you have a video with a few bad frames per minute, total project is about 40 minutes long, and basically about 3 times a minute, theres a bad frame or a hiccup, or a fram of bad pixelation, or something. is there anyway to delete the bad frames, and automate PrPro a way to heal those empty frame sqares with material to the left and right of it (basically, going jurassic park on it and filling the gaps with comperable material?) i've already deleted all the bad frames in a copy of my sequence, but as far as filling them again... i realize i can do this by hand... but it would save sanity if there was a way to say "fill empty gaps with frames touching gaps" effect any luck? or do i have a long weekend ahead of me?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Probably won't be too long of a weekend if you start now...


          Yeah, no... you're going to have to do this manually. There may actually be an Avisynth/VirtualDub filter that could automate this, though--but that's not my forte.

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            No way in PrPro, no, but I remember seeing something like that done in a YouTube video showcasing some of the improvements in Photoshop CS5--not everyone knows this, but you actually can import video into Photoshop and work with it on a frame-by-frame level. In the YouTube video, this guy had some footage of Buckingham Palace (I think) and wanted to remove some people from in front of it. Rather than rotoscoping it out with AE, he imported it into PS and used the content aware healing to remove it--he was able to set it up to do the first frame manually, and then it automated the rest of the frames based on what he did for the first frame. Pretty sweet, but I doubt it would work for a 40 minute video unless you had a cr*pload of memory... His footage was only like 15 or 20 seconds and it sucked down his memory pretty quickly.

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              Keith_Clark Level 2

              thanks. i've done similar things with photoshop, but my comps were slightly shorter too (6 seconds) so it was easier. i'm just doing it by hand. stacking tracks and usuing opacity to give it the normal interlaced look of ghosting, doesnt look that bad at all, and in motion basically not even noticable. i'm a quarter of the way through (close to the 13 min. mark), and trucking on. but my arm is killing me. i need a more ergonomic chair and desk :-/