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    FC Rollover and animation problems




      I have been using FC to create various client presentation.  I have run into two problems and hoping there are some solutions.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      I have uploaded a test site created in FC to:



      Please give the page a couple of seconds to load.

      It is worth noting that the SWF FC file was imbedded into a Wordpress web page using the Kimili flash plugin.


      Problem #1 - rollover buttons and layers:


      The first page has 3 rollovers (labeled 1,2 and 3). If you rollover any of the numbers an image will pop up. The problem is if I roll over number 2 or 3, the rollover buttons appear above the image. This has everything to do with layer order. Even if I imported the rollover image on a layer above the buttons, once it is in the button-component it takes on the later state.


      If there away to structure the presentation so these rollover buttons / graphics are not above the image appearing in the rollover?


      Problem # 2 - animation


      If you click on the link on the bottom right that will take you to a page with an embedded animation. The Animation is an FLV file. However, I cannot get it to run at all. Any reason for this? The animation is on its own Top level page/state. Its not within a component or button or even custom component. The animation does play and work if I run the presentation locally.


      Thanks for any help,

      Daniel Tal