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    New Jquery HTML5 mobile webpage, need different script to tell it to use this design for mobile?

    eb3jprun Level 1

      Sorry for the long title, I am at stuck on a problem right now.. not sure if I understand..


      So, I have an existing website that is just basic php and html and css.


      Perfect for Desktop Viewing.


      I have DW 5.5 and have been playing around with the new jquery.mobile templates! They are great.


      I was wondering if I can just develop just a mobile version of this "existing" website and then put code on the index.php page to check if it "Width" or Mobile ... if so   -- > use jquery.mobile HTML5 design, if not, then use the basic php html version of the design.


      I know about media queries -- but I don't want to redesign my existing site to HTML5 to fit??


      I am probably overlooking something pretty simple,.. or am I??