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    Pre-sets for HD TV format


      It seems that the bit rate is not shown for the output preset 1280 X 720.  Did I miss something or is not settable for a reason. Is not possible to set the bit rate for any of the HDTV outputs 1920 X 1080?  I did not see any settings that could be modified.


      I have to reduce the estimated file size of many projects below that of full HD or Blue Ray disks but still need to keep the resoultion high enough to retain most of the HD quality of the footage.  Blue Ray disk buring is a bit expensive and given the ocassional DVD burning hiccups that do happen, this can get quite expensive with Blue Ray media.


      I am looking for a good output format comprise that might allow me to reduce the file size from the standard HD format to for example, 1280 X 720 using the H264 codec resulting in a format that still looks great and close to HD but will fit on a standard DVD.  I don't intend for the DVD to be playable--I know that's not possible in this format, but something clients can view on the PC or on their media players which are connected to HD televisions.  Most of the newer media players that can be connected to Televisions via direclt connection or via streaming inside the house netowrk and do a great job of near HD viewing.


      Are there any other codec or output formats that woud better serve this need?