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    Preferred method for blurring license plates, signs, faces, etc.

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Ok, this may be a newbie question--I've just never had to do it before so I'm really not sure the best way to do it. What's the best way to blur faces, license plates, signs, etc? I've tried using the titler to create a shape which I've put over top of the sign in question and applied a blur to the shape--the problem I'm running up against is that a) it's difficult to get the shape to properly track with the sign as my camera moves (only need that once--everything else is pretty much stationary) and b) I can't seem to make a "transparent" shape that will still have the blur effect applied to it--taking the transparency to 0 also removed the blur effect.


      I'm guessing this is going to be an AE fix, which I'd like to avoid if I can, but I'm willing to go that route if it really is the best way to do it.