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    time remapping and non integers

    getho Level 1

      why does premiere occasionally decide to make make your timeline based remapping a non whole number?  Why does it stick?  How do you get rid of it?


      Currently got a clip which goes from whole number to 50.26, I can change it, I'm going to have to delete that keyframe and re-do all the others that come after it.  Nice

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          getho Level 1

          and whilst I'm at it, how do you clear a keyframe without deleting the whole clip?


          and why are speed ramp keyframes the only ones you cant enter a numerical value?


          EDIT:  Oh FFS just found pressing ctrl/ shift whilst moving keyline


          But still curious about the other things

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            MediaMind2 Level 1

            For several years I "carried the flag" for requesting that Time Remapping be included in PPro, since I (and I'm sure others) used it frequently in AE.  Then, when it was finally added and they completely changed this effect/workflow from the way it is done in AE, it was a major disappointment.


            Time Remapping in PPro is really klunky and reminds me of the Premiere 6.5 interface.  In AE you simply add a keyframe and ramp the time up or down...copy/paste keyframes...and audio gets mapped too.  I also like filling a section of the timeline and then NOT having my clip change length when adjusting TR.


            The real head shaker was that this was done when Adobe was emphasizing "seamless integration" between the suite....and TR in PPro wasn't even recognized in AE when released.  I don't mean to rant, because Adobe has made great strides in the last couple realeases, but this one was tough...a very fundamental aspect of the editing workflow, that was not made consistent across the two apps.


            I would really, really like to see "Time Remapping AE" added to PPro, or possibly just a modification to this effect in a future release.


            And looking at PPro now, I think the "Effects Controls"  window in general will likely be redesigned to be more elegant and responsive as well.  TR is a good example of how working in this window can be pretty laborious.

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              getho Level 1

              ah well, I guess I should be thankfull its there at all. I use it al the time.


              I really must get my head back into ae.  I used it years ago, but MUCH prefferred (the now long-gone) discreets "effect".  I tried it recently when I bought the master collection, and was dissappointed that everything still needed rendering - I thought there might be the same sort of cuda support that premiere has.