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    Flash menu: labels correct but links dont work


      i have this website template that uses flash in it. the flash works great but when you goto click on a button nothing happens


      here is the link to it



      here is the menu.as code


      var feed_xml:XML = new XML();
      feed_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
      xml_loader._xscale = 0;
      feed_xml.onLoad = function(success) {
          import mx.xpath.XPathAPI;
          _global.menu_array = XPathAPI.selectNodeList(feed_xml.firstChild, "/menu/entry");
          for (i=0; i<menu_array.length; i++) {
              _global.menu_array[i].label = menu_array[i].attributes.label;
              _global.menu_array[i].url = menu_array[i].attributes.url;


      here is the menu.xml


          <entry label="About Us" url="http://www.bbcreptiles.com/about-us.html" />
          <entry label="Contact Us" url="http://www.bbcreptiles.com/contact-us.html" />
          <entry label="Ball Pythons" url="http://www.bbcreptiles.com/ball-pythons.html" />
          <entry label="Boas" url="http://www.bbcreptiles.com//boas.html" />
          <entry label="Corn Snakes" url="http://www.bbcreptiles.com/corn-snakes.html" />
          <entry label="Western Hognose" url="http://www.bbcreptiles.com/western-hognose.html" />


      like i said the labels show up but nothing when you click on the button. please help i have been pulling my hair out for hours and hours