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    Video Cue Points

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      How to have the flash builder 4 videodisplay component to work with video's cue point? When the playback reached a cue point of the video, an event will be executed. Is there any working example for that? Thanks.

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          Yue_Hong Level 1

          Hello? I have search through the website and I found an article about this at http://blog.flexexamples.com/2009/05/26/listening-for-cue-point-events-on-a-spark-videopla yer-object-in-flex-gumbo/. But the problem is it doesn't work when I tried to copy and paste it into my Flash Builder 4.01. The original source of working file doesn't works as well.


          Here I want to ask how to get spark videoDisplay to interact with video cue points? The spark videoDisplay seems doesn't have metadataReceived in it. Does anyone knows how to get it works? Any tips or clue provided will also be very appreciated. Thanks.

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            FTQuest Level 3

            The example that you are referring to is based on the older version of the Video Player.

            The current version of either s:VideoDispaly or s:VideoPlayer are based on OSMF.


            If you are looking for time-based events you have two options:

            1. Create your list of times and corresponding events and listen to the 'currentTime' property of either s:VideoDisplay or s:VideoPlayer.


            2. Create your own OSMF video player that natively supports cue points. You can find plenty of materials on OSMF site: www.osmf.org