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    Hey to Everyone this is an intro and an advice

    Dan Furious

      well just saying hay and thanking so many in advance for some great help and pointers in diffrent topics that i have followed in the past couple of month . but didnt participate in till i was ready with a somehow ok setup to ask for advice or to expiremnt with


      and as for harm i have been following some of your guide lines and other people aswell is i just have a couple of  questions which i know get asked all the time.  and an apology if it annoy's any one


      i just bought a system this morning but was sent the wrong parts here is the list i got sent


      i7 2600k  which is ok i ordered

      a Gigabyte Z86X-UD3R-B3    but i ordered UD3P for the guy stressed he used AE PPRO and PS "and as i am fairly new to this i agreed"

      16gb ram Corsair VENGEANCE 8GB(2X4GB) 4096MB 1600Mhz  9-9-9-24  1.5V ver5.11 made in taiwan

      2x MSI GTX470 for i got  a good price "and he stated it will double my CUDA"

      Galaxy 3D liquid cooling 

      Zalman Z9 Plus

      600 wat Ion 2+ PSU

      and some hitachi and way more drives trying to follow harm guide but we can leave that till later which he sent me all the lower speeds so i have to return them


      my question is the mother boards or anything else that i can change for this is my only chance and just little everywhere at moment to even think of ??


      so please any advice would be so much appreciated and respected and with the GTX 470 he said using the 2 cards SLI would increase my CUDA which am confused about it all just seeing the parts here but cant do any thing is so frustrating


      so if any help would be appreciated to which mobo and if two cards SLI together would render or double the Cuda to what i was adviced


      TY to all

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          RjL190365 Level 4



          You got wrong advice from the reseller that sold you the computer components (as far as Premiere Pro is concerned). Premiere Pro does not currently support two GPUs. Therefore, one of the two cards gets completely unused in Premiere Pro (even the new CS5.5 version). SLI is not supported at all in Premiere Pro (nor will it be for the foreseeable future).


          In addition, the PSU you received is mediocre at best. Not only that, but a 600W PSU even from a known good brand is not enough to power both a GTX 470 and the recommended five-hard drive disk configuration. A 760W PSU is required for such a configuration with even a single GTX 470 (but I recommend 850W or more - and don't cheap out on the 850W PSU by selecting a Thermaltake TR2 RX 850, which barely outputs 500W without going completely funky).

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            Dan Furious Level 1

            Thank for the Advise

            not i wont i think i read something about harm saying go for the pro

            1000 that what i was suppose to  have aswell

            so that should be fixed my only concerns is the mother board,,,,,


            For i would say from a customer point of View in the field of  computer sales and advice  in Australia Very rarly would you find a qualiffied Tech or trained personell selling parts to be honestly everywhere i turned and asked was like a teenager serving me which is suprisengly alarming.


            the Gtx 470 in australia is not easy to find and they are shooting the price high but i really got a bargain on these gtx 470  so it would be okay to leave it aside incase someone else needed.


            i really appreciate the help and the time for you to respond and wished we had the support like there. if you dont mind me asking what MB you usingt

            And what PSU i should stick with for i will be having more than 9 Disk, but i will not be running any raid till i can really catch up and understand more about it so some of you guys advice i will spreading all files around the drives to see what happens 1st for i really dont even konw how this i7 perform or my whole rig is which is dis ap oin ting ......

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              I am not familiar with that motherboard but if you were to install the second GPU both cards would be running at x8 rather than one card by itself at x16 if that would be noticable is a good question but I guess you are just going to put it aside in any way.


              How are you possibly running "more than 9 disk drives" without a RAID controller?

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                Even if you got the UD3P, assuming that you have one OS hard drive and one internal optical drive, you would not be able to accommodate more than four hard drives (besides the two that I mentioned earlier) on the onboard Z68 PCH SATA controller. And the onboard Marvell SATA controller can accommodate only two hard drives. Therefore, if your "more than nine drives" are all internal drives, you will need a PCIe SATA or SAS RAID card just to even handle all of those drives.

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                  Dan Furious Level 1

                  Thanks for that i was checking what you said, so i should be only running 4 disk internall and be getting the gigabyte ud5 or 7 and i can leave my other disk out till i learn more about raid for i really dont wanna take their advice for his thoughts is PPro when doing final output will split the job to the two cards but he is wrong and no i will only be running one card


                  so most of my issues are fixed just last one the gigabyte ud5 or ud7 or a diffrent motherboard entirly for i need this sytem running and me working asap by tomorow.


                  that is why i asked what MB you are using and another thing my ram with ud3r or ud3p is useless too i think.,

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                    Dan Furious Level 1

                    Sorry one more question

                    what about asus z86 or go back to the p86 now am really confused for i get one last chance to change it tomorrow and that is it. . . .


                    any info would be rwally alife saver