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    After exit from Premiere, cannot re-enter without re-booting - hangs up on quicktimeimporter.prn

    cedar1 Level 1

      Major problem here - I can't re-enter Premiere CS5 after exiting.  The program starts to load then hangs up on the same file every time - quicktimeimporter.prn - rebooting fixes the problem.


      I also can't start AE CS5 after leaving Premiere - because the program hangs up on "installing mediacore."  Rebooting fixes this.  What's even worse is that there is no way for me to have Premiere and AE running at the same time under any circumstances.  I've tried re-loading the software.


      Anybody have this problem?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




      Vista 64

      Dual Xeon quadcore

      Nvidia Geforce GTX 285