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    Is upgrade to flash catalyst CS5.5 worth it?

    Andy Wason Level 1

      I'm using panini and burrito right now. If i spend the $80 to go to FC CS5.5 is it worth it?

      Will it still round trip with Burrito? (FB upgrade is about $400 I think)

      Other option is to upgrade my Master Collection but that's still gonna cost $600 I think. Not sure which version of FB that gives me.


      I guess I'm wondering , will FC CS5.5 give me anything significant that I don't already have in Panini?

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          robhuddles Level 2

          The release version of Flash Catalyst CS5.5 is phenomenally better than Panini. There are tools that are not in the beta, and most important the round-tripping stuff really works, instead of the only-sort-of working that they had in the beta.


          There's also the issue that neither Panini nor Burrito are going to keep working forever. I don't know precisely what the cut-off date is, but I would suspect it will be fairly soon.


          Master Collection includes Flash Builder Premium. Adobe recognized that they made a mistake with CS5 in only including Standard and they fixed it this time out.

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            Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

            For me, the two main reasons to upgrade are:


            - The ability to create resizable applications

            - The possibility to import a FXPL with custom skinnable components created in Flash Builder, and to skin these components in Flash Catalyst


            But there are other improvements concerning transitions, the timeline and so on...