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    Setup Assistant won't start - Please help!


      Please help!!


      I just got access to ebooks from my library and I downloaded the Adobe Digital Edition software and it won't work. I don't get any error messages and all it does is bring up the program and it's a black screen. I don't get prompted for the setup assistant so I know the installation is not fully complete but nothing further happens. This is really bumming me out since I was super excited about reading free books and now I'm stuck with no where to go. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

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          It's possible to download ADE without setting up an account with Adobe, but

          ADE has to be registered to you in order to work. Blank screens tell me that

          you might not have done this, so the first question is whether you obtained

          an Adobe ID before you did the download.  If not, and you're using a Windows

          PC, use 'Add/Remove Programs' from the Control Panel to remove Digital

          Editions from your computer, then go to Adobe.com and set up an account.

          After that's done, download ADE again, and it 'should' work.


          OTOH, if you set up an account with Adobe before you downloaded ADE, then

          something's not right with the download.  You can contact Adobe for help in

          this instance.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thanks for the response, but it didn't help me. I already had logged in and tried mulitple times to unload and download the progarm. I must have something downloaded that's blocking the setup assistance. I have 2 users on my computer and when I log in under me I get a black screen with no options to choose from. When I log in under the other user I am able to complete the setup assistance and use it on that side. I'm not sure what's causing it but it's useless when logged in under me. It's a little of a pain, but at least I'm able to get a book onto my Nook.

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              You'll have to get serious with the technology.  My guess is that something

              about your anti-virus/firewall software is blocking the setup software.  Try

              to disable your A-V software (Norton, McAfee, others) and then install.  If

              this doesn't work, then you're looking at some seriously technical

              configuration issues.  That's my best guess.  BTW: are you Windows 7 by any




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                In order to fix this you can follow steps as given below.


                Solution ) Create a new user account with administrative privilages and uninstall old copy of Digital Editions and reinstall a fresh copy from link as given below.



                I hope this will help you!!!!




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                  If you do this, and you are Windows PC, EMPTY THE TRASH after you uninstall

                  ADE.  Otherwise, ADE might pick up one of the previous files.