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    CS5 dynamic link issue - using AE to stabilize motion




      I'm having an issue I can't find a solution for anywhere. I'm using PPCS5 and I have the production premium bundle so I want to take advantage of the dynamic link.


      In particular I want to use dynamic link to stabilize motion in AE for particular clips on my PP timeline.


      So I right-click the clip on the timeline, choose "Replace with After Effects composition". AE opens, and there's a new comp with the clip in it. Great so far.


      Then I stabilize the motion in the clip using the AE stabilize motion tool (stabilizing rotation as well as position), and it looks great in AE. I hit save and go back to PP.


      The dynamic link clip in PP updates, and there appears to be some attempt to stabilize the motion on the clip - the clip moves around and rotates as you would expect. *However* it's not the same as it is in AE and it certainly doesn't look good.


      There is a workaround - I can export the clip from AE as a lossless avi file, bring it into PP and put it on the timeline and it looks great. However, this kinda defeats the purpose of dynamic link.


      On the creative cow forum someone theorized that it's a timing issue, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to fix it.


      I wonder if it's anything to do with the fact that the motion stabilzer writes keyframes to the "anchor point" property, not the "position" property of the clip in the AE comp, but again, that doesn't help me fix it.


      Has anyone else come across this issue and is there any fix?