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    Video track 1

    nick2price Level 1

      Hi, totally new to premiere.  I have created a sequence.  I have then imported two videos.  One I created in AE, which animated some text, and I outputted it as a FLV file.  The other is some random video mpeg file.  I imported these videos into premiere.  If I place the one I created in AE on track one, none of the text appears, therefore no animation occurs.  If I place it on another track, it does.  Same with the other video, if I place it on track 1, nothing shows up. On another track, it works perfectly fine.  So my question is what is track one and what is it used for?



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Video 1 is nothing unique; it's like every other video track. Based on your description, I suspect you have Video 1's output disabled:




          If the eyeball is "punched out" for a track, it won't be sent to output. Just click in the space indicated to enable output.