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    Payload error installing Flash builder 4.5 on Win7




      I have browsed multiple forums and tried every possible ways to get rid off the errors, still I am left with following error log which is beyond my permutations and combination efforts.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.





      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------




      Exit Code: 6



      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------



      - 0 fatal error(s), 4 error(s), 1 warning(s)






      WARNING: DS013: Payload {3BF96AC2-0CA1-11DF-B07B-459956D89593} AdobeHelp is already installed and the session payload {7EABC54B-02C3-4DA1-9EB4-974CE7414066} AdobeHelp has no upgrade/conflict relationship with it.



      ERROR: DS013: Verifying payload integrity : Failed with code 1



      ----------- Payload: {650C9D09-D5BD-4532-8BEE-01DBC1DF5537} Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 -----------



      ERROR: DW030: Custom Action for payload {650C9D09-D5BD-4532-8BEE-01DBC1DF5537} Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 returned error. Failing this payload.






      ERROR: DW050: The following payload errors were found during install:



      ERROR: DW050:  - Adobe Flash Builder 4.5: Install failed