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    exporting After Effects CS5 to Premiere Pro CS5


      I need some help.

      this is the first itme I have used After Effects.

      after finishing adding the effects to my comp i wanted to export it.

      i want to export it as a video not a flash.

      so i chose export to premiere pro.

      then when i went to open it i got an error it said "the editing mode used by the sequence could not be opened. the sequence will be opened in Desktop mode" and i clicked ok.

      then i got the second error "(file path) Video Filter missing: AE.ADBE ripple and Video Filter missing: AE.ADBE Samuari" and the only option was ok.

      after that it opened and i went to drag my comp into the editing window and nothing came up.

      i pre-edited my comp so all i have to do is export it as a video file.

      what should i do?

      can anyone put me onto a good tutorial about how to succesfully export from CS5 to premiere pro because the only ones i could find were for CS4.