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    SWF plays in firefox, but not in internet explorer or the standalone player


      I've written some actionscript 3.0 code to control a relay board accessed through my LAN.


      The simple (and only) code is as follows:



      var i:int=0;

      p0.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickp0);



      function clickp0(event:MouseEvent):void
          sendToURL(new URLRequest(""));






      This function toggles a relay on and off.

      "i" is used as a counter.


      It works fine when run in firefox, the relay toggles on/off and the counter increases. When run in internet explorer, flash player, or projector, the send to URL will only be sent once but the counter increases properly counting my mouse clicks. I can only toggle the relay only a single time. If I reload the swf file I can toggle the relay again, but only once.


      I wanted to run run this throught the projector, but I have to get past this first. Any ideas?