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    Javascript Window in PDF?

    Rick Thornquist

      I've come across a Javascript application which can emulate a 486 computer.  I'm looking to embed this application into a PDF.  Is this possible?


      I've been reading about Javascript in PDFs and it seems that an application can't have it's own window.  That would tell me the answer is no, but if someone in the know could confirm I'd appreciate it.


      Here's a link to the application: http://bellard.org/jslinux/




      - Rick

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Not possible. Acrobat JavaScript is different to the JavaScript used in web browsers, it can be run from the debug console in Acrobat but it cannot emulate a console, nor can you embed anything into a PDF file that draws DHTML objects.

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            maxwyss Level 4

            If everything, which means, really everything, including the Linux kernel) is in JavaScript, it could be done.


            HOWEVER, Acrobat JavaScript uses "only" the JavaScript Core, but not the client-side browser parts. That means, that a lot had to be recreated as a PDF form, and the code accordingly rewritten.


            This also means that the whole user interface had to be recreated. This is possible, and feasible. It would, however, not give a comparable indication about the performance of the JavaScript engine, because the JavaScript engine has to do a lot more than in the browser environment.


            In any case, it would be more than a weekend project.


            Max Wyss.

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              Rick Thornquist Level 1

              Thanks for the help, guys.  I guess I'll have to do it another way.


              - Rick