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    CFGRID : Scroll Bars Appear on Sorting

    hefterr Level 1


      I am using a CFGRID/AJAX Bind in a program.
      My grid has the heading text wrap in one column using the CSS:   .x-grid-hd-row td { white-space:normal;}
      This works OK.


      But when I hit the one column that wraps to sort the column and then hit any other column, both left and bottom scroll bars appear for no apparent reason?

      If I make the heading one line, I have no problem.  Also if I make the width of the table (width = ) wider than the sum of the columns, it is also OK - but it doesn't look good as a "dead column space" appears on the right.


      Oh yeah - it works OK in Explorer and Firefox.  Doesn't work in Safari and Chrome.


      Any ideas (other than stop using CFGRID


      Thanks in advance,