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    cropping consistently crashes computer computations

    Photoquest8458 Level 1

      i am producing a sequence with a still picture that rotates twists, zooms in and out.  When I apply "cropping" to this, and I apply multiple  keyframes for the cropping, it get some errors.  The errors occur if I change the cropping dimensions several times during the sequence.


      1)most of the time , the movie just defaults to an unaltered display of the original picture.  in other words, after a certain point in the movie, it look as if no effects have been displayed.  If i uncheck the croping function, all of the effects i applyed return and work normally.  then when i recheck the cropping effect, the movie returns to ending up as just the unaltered picture.


      2)sometimes it appears as if the cropping is affecting the left and right part of the picture separately, as if I am applying a more complex matte


      3)rarely adobe freezes, and tells me i dont have enough resources.





      my config

      premier pro 5.5.0 downloaded from the internet

      i have Core i7-2600@3.4ghz (which is factory overclocked per intel specs)

      16 gb memory

      os is ssd drive

      data drive is standard sata drive

      GPU processor

      Nvidia gforce gtx 470