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    HDD help

    Dan Furious

      under some bad circumstances i got lumped with these hard drives and really have no on how to use them  which ran my budget to nearly dry


      1 ssd 64g

      1x40gb wd caviar

      1x80gb wd caviar

      1x200gb WD caviar

      1x 500gb 7200 rpm

      2x500gb 5900 rpm

      1x750gb 5900 rpm

      2x 2tb external


      so how can i use these and if need to buy some more what would it be thankyou for any help as i only have like 7 hours

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          RjL190365 Level 4



          Use the SSD as your system's OS (boot) drive. Ditch the three smallest hard drives completely (that is, either put them into USB 2.0 external hard drive enclosures or retire them entirely) because they are extremely old, outdated designs that are far slower than any current-generation 5400 rpm hard drives (plus, those drives might be IDE / PATA drives instead of SATA drives - and most current LGA 1155 motherboards have no IDE / PATA ports at all). And if your two external hard drives are only USB-compatible (especially only USB 2.0), reserve them for backup storage only (that is, to hold backup copies of your original video source files, project files and any miscellaneous files that are associated with the video and project files).


          Of the remaining four drives, the best you can do with them is one RAID 0 array with your two 500GB 5900 rpm drives for media cache, previews and the Windows page file, the 500GB 7200 rpm drive for your less frequently used programs and the 750GB hard drive for your media and project files. The encoded/transcoded output files can go to the RAID 0 pair. All of those (including the OS SSD) can be done entirely on the integrated Intel SATA controller on the Z68 or P67 PCH with five of the six SATA ports associated with the native controller (and still leave one free SATA port on the Intel controller for one optical drive), but the Intel controller's SATA mode should be set to the RAID mode instead of the default IDE or AHCI modes in order to configure a RAID array with only some of the installed disks while leaving other disks in non-RAID configurations (the non-RAID disks will operate in AHCI mode). The Marvell SATA controller is disabled and unused in this configuration.

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            Dan Furious Level 1

            thanks alot for you help so do i just set the bios to raid for the drives and it does it automaticly


            then i go to like PS or AE or PPRO  and in the setting direct cash page and ect to those drives or am getting it all wrong


            and lastly if by any heavnly chance i can convince the store to take some drives back what would i get instead. And would p86 or z86 be better asus or gigabyte for i only get one change to change that in a couple of more hours