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    PrE 9 and Blu Ray Menus - Can't anyone help????

    kermit-999 Level 1

      Is anyone having the same problem with menu markers when burning Blu Ray projects? - I have completed my project of editing a HD video, and added another pre - rendered mpg slideshow. I created a top menu with both of the shows with a main menu marker, and with their own stop menu markers. The Blu Ray disc burnt just fine, and everything seems to play OK, but at the end of the first item on the menu instead of returning to the main menu, it just carries on and plays the next item. When that is complete, the disc is aborted (stopped) instead of returning to the menu. In short, it is ignoring the Stop markers all together. Anybody have any ideas ? Thankx .. BK

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          Mohammad Tahseen Adobe Employee

          This might have been an issue in PRE 9. This has been taken in PRE 10 development as one of the issues for fix.

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            kermit-999 Level 1

            Thanks to everyone who replied to my plea. According to Mohammad it looks

            like a wait for PrE10 before this is solved - or cut my losses and stick

            with SONY DVD ARCHITECT as most people on this forum are recommending.. Just

            seems a little odd to me that a forum for Premier Elements would recommend a

            different product ! Its a strange world !!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Once again, most of us on this forum don't work for Adobe. Our recommendations are based on our own personal experience.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As Steve commented, Adobe gives us a lot of latitude and also now, quite a bit of support. We are able to address many users' needs, and recommend the best program (from our experiences), to do the job required. Personally, I have never used DVD Architect, but I am fortunate enough to have Adobe Encore to do my authoring. Unfortunately, it is now ONLY available with PrPro, so is not an option for most. Were it a stand-alone, as it once was, I'd not hesitate to stay in the Adobe family with my rec.


                PrE does do authoring (though it seems that there is a Bug, or two, as of PrE 9), and for the vast majority of users, does it easily, quickly and efficiently. Some PrE users move up to PrPro and Encore, and show in the Encore forum, complaining that they now have to do everything by hand. That is correct. They really miss that semi-automation in PrE's authoring modules, and are not excited to have to do everything, pretty much one Menu at a time. The upside is that they can now access much more power and control, albeit at a price - time to do the handwork. Most users of PrE only want the simple and quick functions in PrE, and with the noted exception, works well for them. They never want the power and control, and will opt of easy every time. When one wants to go beyond PrE's capabilities, then DVD Architect fills a void.


                In some corporate, product forums, one is not even allowed to mention any product, even a useful utility, if that does not come from the sponsoring corporation. Adobe is to be commended for being much, much better, than that. They allow us, the mere users, to help folk get the best from Adobe programs, but also aid in the total job.


                I'd love to see Adobe offer, maybe an Encore-Lite as a stand-alone, but do not see that happening. Most of Encore (and also the authoring modules in PrE) is licensed from Sonic, the developing company of Sonic Scenarist, one of the industy standards. What we see, as users, is just an abstraction layer, wrapping up the Sonic AuthorCore modules. I would guess that those licenses from Sonic would really run the price such an authoring app. way up. IIRC, EncoreDVD 2.0, was about US$ 350, when last a stand-alone. I got my Encore with the CS2 Production Studio, so never had to buy it alone. Still, until it got bundled with PrPro only, in CS3, I recommended it for almost all users.


                Good luck, and sounds like Adobe IS working on the issue in the authoring modules.