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    Transferring books

    Don Beasley

      I have an Adobe digital reader and have downloaded books I have bought.  They go streight to ADE and i can do nothing else with them...I have an ebook (iriver), and cannot transfer my books to the ereader.  The help section advises that a seperate library will appear in adobe and i can transfer from there to the ereader....It will not let me...I certainly would appreciate any help or information regarding this...an edmail would be great

      dbeas1@gmail.com  Thanks very much...DB

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          I think that you have conflicting information.  Ebooks will download into

          ADE's library (or its reading pane), and they can be transferred to your

          ereader from there in more than one way.  What's not clear in your message

          is whether you have been able to tie your ereader to ADE successfully at

          all.  Let me assume (you know that that means....) that you have not.


          First, you need to set your ereader up with its source site.  In doing so,

          you will register it with them, and activate it for use.  Normally, part of

          this process asks you to set up a user ID and password.  That user ID will

          be transferred to your ereader, so that when you contact the site via wifi,

          you can log in.


          Once the ereader is activated, you can get ADE to recognize it.  First, plug

          in the ereader to your computer, and get it to recognize the ereader.  A

          Windows machine will show it as a removeable disk drive, and assign it a

          letter.  Then, start ADE.  If everything is OK, ADE will show the ereader in

          the left hand panel of its Library view, as the last line.  If it does, then

          you can drag and drop ebooks from the Library pane onto your ereader.  When

          you're finished doing ebook transfers, you can eject your ereader, using the

          'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in the lower right hand portion of your

          computer screen, on the Start bar.  BE SURE you do this before you

          disconnect your ereader from the computer, because it will close the correct

          files and tell the ereader that it's done, so the ereader can do an update

          for the new material.


          If it doesn't work out this way, the most probable cause is that your

          ereader isn't set up correctly, or that your user ID on the ereader isn't

          recognized by ADE.  If so, then write us back and we'll go through that



          Hope this helps!



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            I am having the same trouble and now to add to that, my IRiver Story tells me that my Adobe Activation has failed.  I only downloaded a book last week with no trouble.


            The trouble with downloading to my PC is that the files download as ASCE files or PDF but I am unable to transfer them from the Library to my ereader.


            It is so frustrating!


            Sometimes it isn't possible to connect to the Book Store from the IRiver so I use the PC but it is becoming a problem.