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    Determining if Playback Engine is Working


      I just recently built a new PC for editing. Have CS5 Production Premium, and the following hardware



      AMD Motherboard with a Phenom II X4 840 Processor

      16Gb DDR3 Ram

      Nvidia Quadro 4000 video card

      SATA 1Tb Drive



      I don't think the CUDA technology is being used correctly. I setup a test clip that was about 10 seconds long and it is a AVCHD format video. I apply an effect to that 10 second clip and it plays it all choppy and uses 100% of the CPU. I figured with my setup I should see smooth playback and at the very least the processors use should be reduced by the video card. The effect I have been using to test is one spot light on the video image.


      Is there a way to check if I have something misconfigured?