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    New Sys with CS5.5 and CS4

    billbuch Level 1

      Contemplating installing both CS5.5 and CS4 in a new sys, because I haven't been able to import a CS4 project into CS5.5 successfully. I use Magic Bullet Looks quite alot. After I install both 5.5 and 4, I'll install MB Looks. I also use a BlackMagic Design I/O card, which installs its presets in the Premiere Pro plugins folder.


      Question: When I install MB Looks and the BMD driver/software, will they find and install their stuff in the right CS5.5 and 4 folders? Or, will it require I do a second install to make certain both 5.5 and 4 are covered?





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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Plug-ins, codecs, and drivers for CS4 are 32-bit.


          Plug-ins, codecs, and drivers for CS5.5 are 64-bit.


          Make sure that you have both versions of each item that you're using. You won't be able to install one item and have it work in both versions of Premiere Pro.

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            billbuch Level 1

            Thanks Todd


            MB Looks does in fact have an installer for CS4 (1.3) and earlier and one for CS5 (1.4) and beyond. I installed both, one right after the other, and each found their way into the appropriate CS4 and CS5.5 folders.


            The BMD installer covers both 64 and 32 bit, and installed sucessfully  in both CS4 and CS5.5 folders. So, all is well.